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List of Frequently Asked Questions:

Question #1
Q: Where do questions get answered?
A: There are 3 seperate FAQ areas. General, Members, and Affiliates.

Question #2
Q: Do I have to pay to earn money with your affiliate program?
A: No, the affiliate program is completely free to join, and free members earn the same sales commission % as Pro members.

Question #3
Q: What benefits do I receive with a free member page?
A: We offer free members more benefits than any other FFA network! You receive your own customizable FFA page where you can add your own banner of choice, PLUS a special section that allows you to add virtually ANY HTML code, including javascript and iframe! Many members use this for such things as displaying their own dynamic ads using Iframes, or even your Google Adsense code! PLUS, Free members can set an autoresponse message that automatically delivers your ad to anyone who posts to your page! Your FFA page will advertise for you automatically! And of course, all members can participate in our sales affilate program and earn 50% commissions on ALL 'Pro' member pages you sell! Monthly recurring commissions! This is not a mutli level marketing plan and there is NO cost to earn affilate commissions. Free members also earn the same sales commissions as Pro members! NO other FFA network offers so many powerful free options!

Question #4
Q: If I participate in your affiliate program, how much can I earn and when do I get paid?
A: You will earn 50% per month of your Pro member page sale monthly amount for each Pro member you refer and all referred free members who upgrade. You will continue to earn these payments as long as they remain an active member. Payments will be made on the 30th of every month when your account reaches a minimum of $20. Valid payout methods are PayPal or Payza. U.S. affiliates may request payment via US Check with minimum payout of $100. Check payment or bank transfer payments can be arranged for high volume non-US affiliates.

Question #5
Q: Can I choose to have my messages sent automatically? I do not want to use my own mailer to send them.
A: Yes. You can edit a preset message to be automatically delivered when new links are posted.

Question #6
Q: Do I have to be a PRO member or pay a fee to participate in the affiliate program?
A: No. The affiliate program is free to join and equally available to Free or Pro members.

Question #7
Q: What extra benefits do I receive for upgrading to a Pro page?
A: Pro members not only receive all the great benefits of our free member pages, but they also receive 2 extra customizable links that appear on your page AND on the pages of all free members you refer! Not only can referring others earn you great commissions, gather you even MORE leads, but you can also get an entire 'team' of free member pages promoting YOUR sites! These are the FIRST TWO links right below the main menu, so they get GREAT EXPOSURE! Plus, as an added bonus, Pro members can set a specified delay to the autoreply on all posts made directly to your page! This can prove to be an extremely valuable tool when used correctly!

Question #8
Q: I've heard that posting links to FFA pages is of little or no value to the advertiser and only benefits the page owner. Is this true?
A: While it is true that FFA networks were developed to benefit the page owners and DO benefit the owners more than the advertisers, the common misconception that posting to ffa pages is of no value is absolutely not correct. In addition to the value it can give you just from having your link 'detected' by any search engines that happen to 'spider' a page with your ad on it, many users WILL directly click on ads posted to ffa pages if the subject line and description are properly written. Most users that do not receive activity from posting to FFA pages will do so because of a poorly written or non 'pulling' ad. The only exception to this is some of the larger FFA networks that receive so many posts that your post is 'rolled' off the page literally seconds after you post. In this case, yes, posting a link would be of little value to anyone but the page owner(s).




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